wichtech IPS PPR

The Nigeria National Library

National Library Abuja – WICHTECH PIPES
While the construction of the National Library project in Abuja is still ongoing, IPS PPR+ was installed successfully by the contractors RCC.
Wichtech, a household name well known for quality construction materials, launched IPS in Nigeria over a decade ago having identified it as the best PPR plumbing system in the world.

Wichtech Pipes, along with FlowPlumb, IPS and RCC worked well together to bring about successful implementation, testing and commissioning of the water distribution system at the national library.

Designed as a ring main, the project demanded the full range of IPS PPR+ in terms of sizes, fittings and tools which can only be provided by Wichtech’s Industries.

Head of Wichtech Pipes, Mr Obinna Nwankwo, lead project liaison was on site regularly to ensure smooth installation and to deal with any design issues.

This created an opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce costs and he also added that “the way we have all worked together on this project is an inspiration. We believe only Wichtech can offer professional clients like RCC the product, availability, service and expertise that makes a project like this viable”.

We are rightly proud of the work we have accomplished with RCC on the National Library project.