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Wichflow® Ceramics

Second Sanitary Background

WICHFLOW is an indigenous brand under WICHTECH, with a mission to improve the standard of plumbing and bathroom fittings used across Nigeria and West Africa. Over 50 years production experience, senior team, modern manufacturing plant and highest technology plating, Wichflow is combining design, experience and functionality on its faucets.

All production processes that includes folding, casting, plating and assembly were made to international quality standards. In domestic market, Wichflow is adding value to big residential projects, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and many other big projects with its faucets and taps. We want every Nigerian to experience luxury and durability at an affordable cost.

We are passionate about new ideas and innovations. We also recognize how important it is for our customers to have a product that they can trust to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Therefore, our dedicated team plays a crucial role in our continuing success and strive for excellence. With slim edges and sharp line designs, WICHFLOW CERAMICS brings a new style to bathrooms that exudes innovation, durability, and luxuriant living


Invested in PVD technology (Physical Vapor Deposition) and upgraded its plating abilities for different taste and needs of market, such as golden, platin, copper, black colors and more. One of the biggest problems that you may face in a faucet is to have scratches, dullness in the color and to lose its shininess. Faucets, plated with PVD technology are overcoming all those weaknesses and provides strong and durable faucets that are resistant to chemicals used in everyday cleaning, stays unscratched and shiny longer compared to a regular plated faucets.



Wichtech Wichflow sanitary tap

The firm and facilities where the products are made has adapted the philosophy of quality and respect for people and environment. As a principle it’s aware of its responsibilities and in respect of this, out an Environmental Management System is carried out in accordance to ISO 14001 Standards.

Effective use of electricity, water and natural gas in a bid to minimize the environmental effects of solid, liquid and gas waste caused by the firm. The use of technologies makes our new investments as environmentally friendly as possible and do not cause harm to environment. Compliance with legal regulations related to the environment and improved standards in the direction of workers suggestions.


Wichtech Wichflow sanitary tap

The base of our quality policy is to provide our customers with a problem free and reliable service that conforms to the national and international standards and can meet their expectations. Quality is not a target for our firm. It is a process which indicates continual improvement and innovation. The continual compliance of our Quality Management System with international ISO 9001 standards has helped improve all the processes that affects the success of our firm and the quality of our products. To ensure the certificated products continuity of compliance with the concerning standards. Everyone equally participates through team work by raising our workers awareness of quality.