Gerard Products


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Gerard® Heritage Tile

More than 50 years of research and development has gone into Gerard Heritage Tiles.

Gerard® Milano Tile

Inspired by traditional Roman tile design, Gerard Milano Tile looks smooth, clean and elegant. Its timeless profile makes a strong style statement.

Gerard® Oberon Shingle Tile

Gerard® Oberon Shingle creates a roof that echoes the elegance of yesteryear’s finest buildings and home.

Gerard® Shingle Tile

Choose a roof made with Gerard Shingle, and you’ve made the choice for a roof that is strong, durable and attractive.

Gerard® Classic Tile

Classic Tiles look good, last longer and are safe and secure in any environment. It can also add to the style and security of any home or commercial building.

Energy Efficiency Accessories

Using energy reducing products not only reduces costs, but also adds value to your property.

Gerard® Shake Tile

Reflecting the charm of colonial times, Gerard Shake is designed to replicate the look of a handmade real-wood shake.

Gerard® Slate Tile

New Gerard® Slate has been designed to replicate the natural weathered look of traditional European slate roofs.