Why Choose Gerard


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Fire Resistance

The fire resistant solution from Gerard Roofing – A safe roofing solution must be extremely fire resistant to prevent hot embers from external fires spreading. The ideal roof will be lightweight yet strong and securely interlocked to prevent it collapsing if an interior fire becomes established.


Earthquakes are tragic reminders of the power of nature. Gerard Roofs form strong earthquake resistant structure and its lightweight tiles reduce damage and injury. They have been tested and proven under a wide range of extreme natural conditions.

Storm, Wind and Rain

Extreme weather — including violent storms, strong winds up to hurricane strength, and heavy rain — can cause widespread devastation.

Surprisingly Affordable

The overall cost of a Gerard pressed steel roof is similar to the cost of a long-run iron roof and usually less expensive than a concrete tile roof. Gerard roofs are likely to be less expensive than any other type of roof because it won’t require special materials or fastenings to cope with extreme conditions.

Collecting Rainwater

Gerard roof tiles undergo strict testing, part of which is for the quality of run-off water from our roofs. In tests, Gerard roof tiles are proven not to add anything to the water that falls onto the roof, and in fact exceed the standards set by the World Health Organisation for drinking water. In short, the water that falls onto the roof is exactly the same as is collected by your rainwater guttering system. However, before use, we recommend that the water should be filtered as leaves and twigs etc. can make their way into your tanks. If used for domestic use, the water should probably be boiled first.


Gerard Roofing systems are made from sheet steel coated with stone chips. Metal roofs are no more vulnerable to a lightning strike than any other non-metallic substrate. Indeed, the likelihood of a lightning strike is determined only by the height and location of the building.

Ultravoilet and Thermal

Gerard Roofing Systems have colour durability that lasts for years. They were designed in New Zealand, which records some of the highest levels of UV light in the world, and have been proven on roofs there since they were first manufactured in 1957.


Gerard Roofing systems have been proven under all possible and extreme weather conditions around the world including large hailstones and heavy snow loads.

50 Years Warranty

The extraordinary durability of a Gerard roof is backed up by a comprehensive three-point warranty covering weather resistance, surface coating and installation. We believe our warranty is unsurpassed in Africa.

Noise Reduction

The natural stone coating on Genuine Gerard roof tiles, combined with our advanced basecoat technology means a Genuine Gerard Roof will produce less sound during heavy rainstorms.