PPH Threaded System – Recommendations


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PPH Threaded System - Recommendations

  • In order to wash your hands after applying our IPS Plus sealer, we recommend using a turpentine-soaked cloth.
  • Verify that the threading tool die is clean. You can add a drop of vaseline oil to facilitate threading.
  • The right length of the thread must coincide with the maximum allowed by the metal die. An excessively long thread may result in water leaks.
  • Do not use power tongs to tighten the 1/2″ to 1″ threads. Remember that a thread subjected to constant stresses may result in water-tightness problems with the passing of time.
  • If you detect water leaks, solve the problem by making a better use of the recommended tools, not by overtightening the pipes.
  • We recommend waiting for 2 hours at 20°C before pressurizing a system installed with IPS Threaded System products. In this manner, the sealer will dry off properly.
  • Do not use Teflon® with a sealer.
  • For outdoor systems, use our 4×4 Plus tube or IPSoband and IPSolar tape to protect the system from extreme cold weather conditions or to prevent condensation and shield the system from UV radiation.
  • For outdoor suspended systems, we recommend securing the pipes with IPS clamps.