Water Supply Products


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More than 50 years ago, Mr.Erwin May, a German immigrant who landed in Argentina with strength, drive and skills, created a pioneering thermoplastic piping company. Today, we are still implanted with the same importance for quality, pride in what we do, and the obsession for constant improvement.

PPR Plus System

PPR Plus adds value – with more than 50 years of useful life, it avoids degradation of walls due to humidity stains. Furthermore, the low thermal conductivity offers less condensation than other alternative materials.

PPH Threaded System

PPH Threaded System has all the advantages of a traditional plumbing system, combined with modern technology to ensure a leak-free solution. Our larger bore pipes are perfect for bore holes, making a complete indoor/outdoor system.

Pushfit System

Pushfit barrier pipe makes the pipe flexible enough to feed through buildings without the need for expensive fittings. You can easily install a Pushfit system using just ONE fitting at the start of the pipe and ONE at the end where it attaches to a tap.