170mm StormFlow Rainwater System


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Double-layered co-extruded gutter providing higher resistance to Ultraviolet (UV), for use on houses and light commercial buildings.

Colour options

Ideal for:

  • Commercial
  • Hotels
  • Industrial
  • Very large houses

Flow rate

up to


litres per second

SKUProduct DescriptionSizeC
GR515Gutter 4 metre170mmGrey
VR515Gutter 4 metre170mmBrown
BR515Gutter 4 metre170mmBlack
WR515Gutter 4 metre170mmWhite
GR042Joint Bracket170mmGrey
VR042Joint Bracket170mmBrown
BR042Joint Bracket170mmBlack
WR042Joint Bracket170mmWhite
GR452Support Bracket170mmGrey
VR452Support Bracket170mmBrown
BR452Support Bracket170mmBlack
WR452Support Bracket170mmWhite
GR451Angle 90°170mmGrey
VR451Angle 90°170mmBrown
BR451Angle 90°170mmBlack
WR451Angle 90°170mmWhite
GR454Running Outlet170mmGrey
VR454Running Outlet170mmBrown
BR454Running Outlet170mmBlack
WR454Running Outlet170mmWhite
GR455Stopend Outlet170mmGrey
VR455Stopend Outlet170mmBrown
BR455Stopend Outlet170mmBlack
WR455Stopend Outlet170mmWhite
GR402Stopend External170mmGrey
VR402Stopend External170mmBrown
BR402Stopend External170mmBlack
WR402Stopend External170mmWhite
R505Downpipe 3 metre plain end110mmGrey
R505Downpipe 3 metre plain end110mmBrown
R505Downpipe 3 metre plain end110mmBlack
R505Downpipe 3 metre plain end110mmWhite
R506Downpipe 4 metre plain end110mmGrey
R506Downpipe 4 metre plain end110mmBrown
R506Downpipe 4 metre plain end110mmBlack
R506Downpipe 4 metre plain end110mmWhite
S208Connector - Pipe110mmGrey 
S208Connector - Pipe110mmBrown
S208Connector - Pipe110mmBlack 
S208Connector - Pipe110mmWhite
S121Connector - Drain110mmGrey 
S121Connector - Drain110mmBlack 
S217Downpipe Bracket - 1 Screw110mmGrey 
S217Downpipe Bracket - 1 Screw110mmBrown
S217Downpipe Bracket - 1 Screw110mmBlack 
S217Downpipe Bracket - 1 Screw110mmWhite
S219Downpipe Bracket - 2 Screw110mmGrey 
S219Downpipe Bracket - 2 Screw110mmBrown
S219Downpipe Bracket - 2 Screw110mmBlack 
S219Downpipe Bracket - 2 Screw110mmWhite
S322Bend 92½°110mmGrey 
S322Bend 92½°110mmBrown