125mm Regency Rainwater System


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Elegant profile to enhance the appearance of houses of a prestige nature. Stylish looks and large flow rates make Regency a good choice for medium and large roofs.

Colour options

Ideal for:

  • Prestige homes
  • Hotels
  • Light commercial buildings

Flow rate

up to


litres per second

BR896Regency Gutter 4 metres125mmBlack
VR896Regency Gutter 4 metres125mmBrown
WR908Gutter Joint Bracket125mmWhite
BR908Gutter Joint Bracket125mmBlack
VR908Gutter Joint Bracket125mmBrown
WR910Gutter Support Bracket125mmWhite
BR910Gutter Support Bracket125mmBlack
VR910Gutter Support Bracket125mmBrown
WR935Gutter Angle Bracket - 90º External125mmWhite
BR935Gutter Angle Bracket - 90º External125mmBlack
VR935Gutter Angle Bracket - 90º External125mmBrown
WR945Gutter Angle Bracket - 90º Internal125mmWhite
BR945Gutter Angle Bracket - 90º Internal125mmBlack
VR945Gutter Angle Bracket - 90º Internal125mmBrown
WR937Gutter Angle Bracket - 135º External125mmWhite
BR937Gutter Angle Bracket - 135º External125mmBlack
VR937Gutter Angle Bracket - 135º External125mmBrown
WR947Gutter Angle Bracket - 135º Internal125mmWhite
BR947Gutter Angle Bracket - 135º Internal125mmBlack
VR947Gutter Angle Bracket - 135º Internal125mmBrown
WR911Gutter Running Outlet125mmWhite
BR911Gutter Running Outlet125mmBlack
VR911Gutter Running Outlet125mmBrown
WR913Gutter Stop End - External125mmWhite
BR913Gutter Stop End - External125mmBlack
VR913Gutter Stop End - External125mmBrown
WR902Gutter Stop End - Internal125mmWhite
BR902Gutter Stop End - Internal125mmBlack
VR902Gutter Stop End - Internal125mmBrown
WR893Regency Sqaure Downpipe74mmWhite
VR893Regency Sqaure Downpipe74mmBrown
WR919Downpipe Bracket74mmWhite
BR919Downpipe Bracket74mmBlack
VR919Downpipe Bracket74mmBrown
WR917Downpipe Connector74mmWhite
BR917Downpipe Connector74mmBlack
VR917Downpipe Connector74mmBrown
WR920Downpipe Bend74mmWhite
BR920Downpipe Bend74mmBlack
VR920Downpipe Bend74mmBrown
WR922Downpipe Branch74mmWhite
BR922Downpipe Branch74mmBlack
VR922Downpipe Branch74mmBrown
WR921Downpipe Shoe74mmWhite
BR921Downpipe Shoe74mmBlack
VR921Downpipe Shoe74mmBrown
WR924Downpipe Adapter to Round 68mm Downpipe74mmWhite
BR924Downpipe Adapter to Round 68mm Downpipe74mmBlack
VR924Downpipe Adapter to Round 68mm Downpipe74mmBrown
WR014Downpipe Hopper Head74mmWhite
BR014Downpipe Hopper Head74mmBlack
VR014Downpipe Hopper Head74mmBrown