200mm Industrial Rainwater System


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Large 200mm rainwater system ideal for retail malls, agricultural or industrial buildings. The largest profile in the GutterFlow range, the industrial system boasts a mm deep profile.

Colour options

Ideal for:

  • Retail malls
  • Hotels
  • Industrial
  • Warehouses

Flow rate

up to


litres per second

SKUProduct DescriptionSizeColour
R708Joint Bracket200mmGrey
R708Joint Bracket200mmBlack
R710Support Bracket200mmGrey
R710Support Bracket200mmBlack
R711Running Outlet200mmGrey
R711Running Outlet200mmBlack
R713StopEnd External200mmGrey
R713StopEnd External200mmBlack
R70590 Degree Angle200mmGrey
R70590 Degree Angle200mmBlack
R707135 Degree Angle200mmGrey
R707135 Degree Angle200mmBlack
R716Outlet Adaptor (200mm into 110mm downpipe)200mmGrey
R716Outlet Adaptor (200mm into 110mm downpipe)200mmBlack
S534160mm Downpipe 3 metre - Plain Ended160mmGrey
S534160mm Downpipe 3 metre - Plain Ended160mmBlack
S535160mm Downpipe 4 metre - Plain Ended160mmGrey
S535160mm Downpipe 4 metre - Plain Ended160mmBlack
S412Pipe Bracket Single Screw Fixing160mmGrey
S412Pipe Bracket Single Screw Fixing160mmBlack
S406Connector - Pipe160mmGrey
S406Connector - Pipe160mmBlack
DS438Connector - Drain160mmBlack
S403Bend - 90 Degrees160mmGrey
S403Bend - 90 Degrees160mmBlack
S424Bend - offset 112½° top160mmGrey
S424Bend - offset 112½° top160mmBlack
S425Bend - offset 112½° Bottom160mmGrey
S425Bend - offset 112½° Bottom160mmBlack
S404Bend - 135 Degrees160mmGrey
S404Bend - 135 Degrees160mmBlack
S427Branch - 92½°160mmGrey
S436Rainwater Shoe160mmGrey
S436Rainwater Shoe160mmBlack
S420Reducer 160mm to 110mm160mmGrey
S472Access Pipe160mmGrey
S472Access Pipe160mmBlack
R7404m Gutter200mmGrey
R7404m Gutter200mmBlack