About Us

Nigeria's Leading Supplier of

Quality Roofing and Plumbing Systems

Wichtech Industries is the best known company in the group and has a large footprint of 120 offices throughout Nigeria. As a manufacturer and supplier of roofing, plumbing and paint products, the name Wichtech has built its reputation on the quality of its product and service. Supported by national billboard advertising, local TV commercials and backed up by advertising on CNN international, the Wichtech brand has become a household name in middle and upper income circles. Over a period of 10 years, Wichtech has grown to become an outstanding international partner of stone coated metal roofing supplied by New Zealand’s AHI Roofing Ltd. (gerard-roofs.com), who supply products in over 120 countries worldwide. AHI form part of Fletcher Building Ltd (fletcherbuilding.com), New Zealand’s biggest listed company. Wichtech also provides distribution for AHI in Ghana, Benin and Cameroon.

Other brands supplied exclusively by Wichtech in Nigeria are IPS pipes from Argentina, Polyfit Plumbing Systems from the UK, and PVC rainwater and drainage systems from Britain’s Hunter Plastics.

Something else that sets Wichtech apart is their investment in people. All of Wichtech Offices receive annual training, both from suppliers and also from leading industry experts in the fields of Professional Management, Leadership and Customer Service. From the technical side, Wichtech employs a full-time British Training Manager who coordinates training for installers throughout Nigeria. To date over 6,000 plumbing and roofing installers have received training and in 2014 dedicated training colleges will be opened in Lagos and Asaba. These initiatives have generated outstanding recognition for the company.